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Sherwood Chapter

Our Road Captains put together a full programme of ride-outs throughout the summer which are all well supported; during the cooler months, ride-outs are less frequent. The first big get-together of the season is the annual Easter Monday ride-out, which gives everyone a chance to get the feel of two wheels again.

The Quill and Quiver (the Sherwood Chapter Magazine), is issued regularly to Chapter members, so feel free to contribute as it is ‘our’ magazine for our membership. It contains regular editorials from the Chapter committee as well as write-ups from Chapter members, pictures, the occasional joke, and critical information that Sherwood Chapter members should be aware of.

If you are new to riding, (and/or the Harley scene), don’t worry about it. Sherwood Chapter caters for new riders and organises new rider ride-outs to give new members a flavour of the camaraderie you can expect from Sherwood Chapter. Don’t forget, when you own your Harley, you are also taking on a new lifestyle when it comes to motorcycling. Just give Robin Hood Harley-Davidson a call to ask them when the next Sherwood Chapter BBQ is taking place, then come along and make yourself known! For those of you who wish to attend a rally or two, then you can get more information from our Chapter Director, Roy Radford.


Sherwood Chapter members are very friendly and it will not take long for you to make new lasting friendships.


All members have a big passion for riding and enjoying a rally or two... Maybe even 5 or 10!


Since 1998, Sherwood Chapter have been arranging ride-outs, weekends away and of course our Chapter Rally!


Everyone is welcome to join Sherwood Chapter and I can assure you that it will not take long to feel part of the family.


C/O Robin Hood Harley-Davidson
Meadow Lane




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